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2013 Southern Africa

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Southern Africa, 2013

Carol and I travelled with Natural Habitat to Southern Africa during January/February 2013. We were in Botswana for nine nights, Zambia for two nights, and South Africa for three nights. We stayed at the following camps:

Kalahari Plains Camp (Kalahari desert)
Little Vumbura (Okavango delta)
Duma Tao (Linyanti concession)
Toka Leya (Victoria Falls)
South Africa
Mala Mala (next to Krueger National Park)

All of the camps were excellent, as well as our two guides (one in Botswana/Zambia, one in South Africa). The camps in Botswana are not fenced, and animals regularly wander through the camp at night. You must be escorted to/from your tent before sunrise or after sunset.

Visiting southern Africa during the wet season is a whole different trip than during the dry season.

Among the myriad species we saw were elephant, giraffe, hippo, rhino, wildebeest, African buffalo, ostrich, zebra, baboon and vervet monkey. We also saw many cats, especially lion, but also cheetah and leopard. We saw various antelope species including hartebeest, impala, oryx, nyala, puku, red lechwe, reedbuck, springbok, steenbok, tsessebe and waterbuck. In Botswana alone, we counted over 150 bird species!

I'll be working on a slideshow in the coming weeks. I bought a new Canon EOS-7D digital SLR for the trip. Using it with the Canon 100-400 mm super telephoto lens was a deadly combination, and much lighter than with the Canon EOS-1D. Plus the APS-C focal length multiplier of 1.6 (vs. APS-H multiplier of 1.3 for the 1D) gave me a little more "reach", which really helps with the birds (640 mm vs. 520 mm at the far end). At times the wildlife was so close that it was just too much lens. There are worse problems to have.


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