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2002 Galápagos

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Galápagos Islands, 2002

In late September 2002, Jim visited the Galápagos archipelago to operate the CQ-RJ WW DX RTTY ham radio contest from the Galápagos location of his friend Trey, N5KO. Carol joined him in early October for a eight-day cruise around the islands on board the Quasar Nautica vessel Alta. The cruise was arranged via Natural Habitat. You can get an idea of our itinerary by clicking here. In between the contest and the cruise, Jim visited La Isla Isabela and stayed at the lovely Casa de Marita.

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More pictures and story to follow!

Yellow-crowned Night Heron Sierra Negra Volcano, Isla Isabela Great Frigate Giant Tortise Galapagos Hawk Orca (Killer Whales) Waved Albatross

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